Open spaces - HAC MONSTRANTE VIAM. (She shows the way.)

Karol Pichler

21.09.2013 - 20.03.2014


curator: Lýdia Pribišová

photo: Karol Pichler

Karol Pichler has developed public art project Open spaces - HAC MONSTRANTE VIAM (She shows the way.) for the public space in Bratislava.

Passengers in several trolleybuses in Bratislava will not see colourful ads on handles as usual; they can see a sort of a message instead. One side of the plastic handle is colourful, producing a mosaic of many colours along the whole vehicle when seeing from the driver´s point of view.

Seeing from the rear, each handle is dead-white with one word in the centre. Each handle shows a different word. The purpose of the words is provoking a passenger to make a new journey, a journey differing from the one they physically are making at that very moment.

Besides, each word is a simple sentence delivering a message. The words have been selected on purpose – to represent common vocabulary, however, to give space to passengers to let themselves become absorbed by own thoughts. They are expected to take passengers to another dimension, space and time, from outside to the inside. They are capable of evoking public space moments, situations determined by what they have experienced and by memories. The words provoke passenger to travel on mental level. Grammatically, they are adverbs; adverbs of manner, but mainly of time and space that, being opened in line of action and time, are the best to describe an incomplete process and to inspire passengers for mental travelling.

The project has been installed in three trolleybuses circulating at three main transport routes in Bratislava. We keep the numbers of trolleybuses in confidence to have the installations incorporated/integrated into the ordinary life of the city and its residents. The project is the action without time limitations and has been developed in collaboration with advertising agency BigMedia, a pioneer in the "out of home“ advertising.