Beloved ones

César Meneghetti

06.08.2013 - 10.09.2013

Galéria HIT, Bratislava, Slovakia

curatore: Lýdia Pribišová

foto: César Meneghetti

BELOVED ONES is an art project of the Brazilian artist César Meneghetti, which is focused on memory, migration and roots. It connects past and present and everything that derives from the experience of migration. The artist is exploring his ancestors’ birthplace towns, and through this work he creates an intimate link between his own subjective experience and other’s perception. The first of these places is Čunovo – birthplace of his grandmother. This exhibition is the first step in a long-term research that will involve the four cities of his ancestors. In this project, the artist interacts with people and with the place in a very personal and authorial investigation. He collects testimonies, images, material, maps, photos, documents of the members of his family and the people connected with. He establishes a personal parallel in between the official History and some subjective memories and how they affect on people’s existence.

César Meneghetti will work in the present moment with the four past realities of his ancestors: Čunovo, (Sandorf / Dunacsún, ex-Austria-Hungary, today Slovakia), place of Brosch/Bogovich ancestors, Quarto d’Altino (Venice, Italy), place of Meneghetti ancestors, San Pietro in Casale (Veneto Italy, Emilia and Lombardia border), place of Cavicchioli ancestors and Casal Bordino (Abruzzo, Italy), place of Toscano ancestors.

In the exhibition in Bratislava, at Hit Gallery César Meneghetti will present several works: a video with documented testimonies of his grandmother and her sisters on the immigration experience, in 1924 from Čunovo to São Paulo/Brazil (authentic registration from the eighties), a video of the very last moments of the life of his grandmother, and video shot in Čunovo and various documents, photographs and notes from this latest work in progress. The exhibition works as a sort of “love” declaration and tribute to all these people he never knew, ancestors that preceded him, that somehow are part of him, but also for everyone that had the experience of “leaving”. For the artist the travel itself works as a life metaphor but also it is an opportunity to connect the two worlds, the two hemispheres: the one where he is living and the other he comes from. Meneghetti is creating a double emphasis on reality, the real one and the ideal one; he creates up from leftovers, notes and memories of his grandmother. The exhibition is a result the collision of these two realities, a reconstruction of his family life through the looking of imprints and shadows.

The work of César Meneghetti is since the end of the nighties characterized by a profound interest on social issues and a constant enquire on forms of language. Usually, he works on long-term projects, his previous works were based on artistic “mapping of the places“ and the people who were living in. He observes correspondences and creates a new time-and-space connection. His work is in between video art, film, documentary and photography. He is concentrated to the idea of identity and memory, later he started to be focused also on different kinds diversity. He observed various particular societies, from Brazilian motor-bike couriers, Italians during religious rituals, a group of South-American football players in Italy, African peasants fighting against the advance of the Sahara or mental disabled people working with art.

César Meneghetti (São Paulo, 1964)

Visual artist and film-maker, he has presented his works in over 40 countries. He was selected for the 55th Venice Biennial, Pavilion of Kenya, 51ST Venice Biennial, IILA Pavilion (2005), Adriatic Biennial (2006), the Sharjah Biennial (2011), the Cerveira Biennial (2011). His solo and group exhibitions include: MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo (2010), Macro - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Rome (1996, 2005 and 2011). He received several awards: Brazilian FUNARTE Contemporary Art Prize 2011, Biennial of São Paulo special award for Brazilian contemporary art (2010), best video at the IV Inter-American Biennial of Video Art in Washington (2009), Italian Silver Ribbon 1996 and 2004 (SNCCI) and Petrobrás Cultural Prize for digital work, Brazil (2002 and 2006). In 2007, a new phase of his career started with K_lab (mixed media, Niger, 2008) when his research embraced the visual arts, cinema and mixed media along with relational art, followed by the projects this_orient (2011) and IO _IO È UN ALTRO. He currently lives and works in

With financial support of The Ministry of Culture of The Slovak Republic.