Su di noi

PILOT was established in 2012 as a civic association with the aim of reflecting and presenting contemporary visual art with crossovers into other disciplines, humanities and natural sciences. The PILOT civic association constitutes a platform for multi-genre innovative and experimental forms of visual art. PILOT provides a base for collaboration between science and art, focusing in particular on projects demanding the cooperation of scientists (anthropologists, physicists, biologists and sociologists). It presents site specific projects working with the specifics of the given space and the historical memory of its location. PILOT offers space for communication and debate about contemporary art between artists and audiences.

Another crucial mission of PILOT is the presentation of Slovak contemporary art abroad, as well as presenting both established and progressive young artists from abroad in Slovakia, thus aiding in the development of mutual international cooperation in the field of contemporary art. It initiates the interest of foreign contemporary art institutions and its establishment at an international level. Through the activities of the members of the association, the curator Lýdia Pribišová, the cultural anthropologist Irena Jenčová and poet Michael Šipöcz, it establishes interactive cooperation with prestigious foreign galleries and other cultural institutions. Alongside exhibitions, it convenes conferences, lectures, workshops and research studies with international participation.